Healthy animals feed healthy people

The importance of eating healthily

Society is moving towards a more developed culture of food, in which,

in addition to acquiring good eating habits, it is important to know the origin and quality of the products we consume and, above all, the treatment they have been through in their production process.

The legislation on food is becoming more rigorous,

requiring the agents involved in the food sector to control the traceability and quality of any food, already drastically prohibiting some components whose effects can be detrimental to health, among them antibiotics to prevent the acquired immunodeficiency problems which they generate in human health.

It is vital to reduce the intake of antibiotics in animals for human consumption.

From this perspective, PentaBiol develops postbiotic products for animals intended for human consumption which, by naturally improving their intestinal flora and digestive system, grow healthier and stronger, significantly improve their immune system, as well as their response to conditions such as intestinal dysbiosis, E.coli, pathogenic bacteria, etc., thus reducing the intake of antibiotics during their production.


natural postbiotic technology for the development of healthier animals

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