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Growth and fattening

PROBISAN SWINE optimises the adequacy of the intestinal microbiota, creating the optimal conditions to generate future fattening pigs with superior growth qualities


1. Object of the application

For this stage of growth, what is sought is an improvement in conversion rates through digestive regeneration, which allows the animal to obtain a better use of nutrients.

If the intake of our product, PROBISAN SWINE, has already been produced, since its origin in mother-sows and/or in its later period as piglets, its growth capacity will be potentially greater due to its better digestive health, since it should have been able to suppress the preventive application of antibiotics and zinc oxide, generating a healthy and natural growth of the animal.

2. Recommended PentaBiol product



3. Dosage

  • In general, 1 kilogram per ton of feed.

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