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PentaBiol has been rated as one of the most innovative projects in the animal feed sector of the European Union.


European innovation

Participation in the H2020 programme

Following the presentation of our line of design and development of postbiotic products before the European Commission within the H2020 SME Instrument Program, the company was selected in the 2nd phase in the call of 14th April 2016 within the Sustainable Food Security topic, under reference European project H2020 under the SME instrument with Ref. 733627 - HEALTHSTOCK SMEINST-2-2016.

Only the most innovative projects are selected by this European program in three annual calls. To be aware of the importance of this award, an average of about 30,000 projects will be submitted to each call, of which only about 1,500 are awarded in their final phase.

This European commitment involves the financial support of the European Union with the objective, within a maximum period of 2 years, of implementing new work models, innovative products, and knowledge techniques in the markets which involve not only economic and technological improvements, but also social and environmental improvements both at a European level and in third countries outside the EU

“The main objective of our development is to improve the digestibility of animals to enhance their productive capacity, stimulate their immune defences and reduce the preventive application of antibiotics”.

Acquired immunodeficiency problems in human health: priority concern in the EU

One of the most serious issues with which the European Union is concerned is the problems of acquired immunodeficiency which manifest in human health as a result of the intake of meat and agricultural products which have affected genetic behaviour, generating various diseases, variants of cancer, and promoting certain symptoms which previously had a lower incidence.

Precisely in line with this concern, the European Union has been regulating a drastic reduction in the preventive application of antibiotics in animal feed; in fact, since 1st January 2017, it is applying regulatory measures which are intended to ensure that antibiotics practically disappear from preventive treatments included in the animal's food formulations, regardless of species.

Collaborative agreements with prestigious scientific entities

Hence the importance of our project for the development of products capable of naturally improving not only the use of nutrients to generate healthier and potentially more productive animals, but also capable of stimulating the animal's own immune defences to improve their health and therefore human health.

Within the scope of the award of our project, collaborative agreements were established with different technology centres, universities, neutrologists, companies, etc. internationally, the AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA (EU) with its IRTA-CRESA technology centre, the UNIVERSITY OF ZHEJIANG (CH), the UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA (EU), the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA (USA)... and other various agreements in Holland, Germany, Italy, and Morocco.

These tests were carried out in the different animal species, and verified the result of our postbiotics in productive and health aspects.

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