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The adaptation of the rabbit to farm life is one of the most complex for handling on large farms.

The formation and development of your digestive system is unstable, and with high frequency it involves intestinal disorders resulting in a high percentage of mortality.


1. Object of the application

The postbiotic PROBISAN RABBIT-MET incorporates BACTERIOCINES produced by the fermentation of lactic bacteria selected for their activity against E. coli in rabbits.


Bacteriocins are categorized in the Iib class, and are resistant to granulation temperatures and gastric ph.

It allows controlling the problems associated with colibacillosis in rabbits, including EAE carriers, without the use of substances that require a prescription.


It promotes the establishment of an adult microbiota in developing animals.


It contributes decisively to the reduction of the preventive application of antibiotics.


The usual use is in peridestete and bait feed. It is convenient to apply at least one breastfeeding cycle in mothers to reduce the rate of infection to the rabbits.


By not generating dysbiosis or having a withdrawal period, the product can be used without time limitations.

2. Recommended PentaBiol product



3. Dosage


  • During 1º lactating period  ......  1,5 kgs/tm.

  • Continued use  ...... 1 kg./tm.



  • Before weaning  ...... 2 kgs./tm

  • After weaning ...... 2 kgs./tm

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