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PENTABIOL awarded in the III Edition of the OPEN INNOVATION ANCES

The navarrese company PENTABIOL has been awarded in the III Edition of the OPEN INNOVATION ANCES, celebrated last September 24th by the tractor company CAPSA FOODS.

PENTABIOL is dedicated to the research, design, manufacture, and marketing of a new line of products known as POSTBIÓTICOS, capable of naturally improving not only the use of nutrients to generate healthier and potentially more productive animals, but also capable of stimulating the animals' own immune defences and reducing the application of antibiotics, both to improve their health and therefore human health.

The Open with which they have been recognised, is one of the most renowned awards in the field of innovation, is held annually and brings together different innovations on the national scene. In fact, OPEN INNOVATION ANCES is an initiative of the National Association of CEEIs -ANCES- and different leading Spanish companies that act as a driving force for the development of a programme for the implementation of innovative companies that provide solutions to their market.

This initiative is framed in a context of open innovation, allowing the most consolidated companies to interact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and advance in their technological challenges.


PENTABIOL Finishes R&D Project supported by the Government of Navarra

PENTABIOL concluded last August the R&D Project supported by the Government of Navarra and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) entitled "OPTIMIZATION OF THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF A POSTBIOTIC FOR USE IN DIABETIC PATIENTS AS A NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT". The result obtained was published by the magazine NUTRIENTS in its October 20 edition under the title “A Fermented Food Product Containing Lactic Acid Bacteria Protects ZDF Rats from the Development of Type 2 Diabetes”.


Presentation of POSTBIOTEK RUMINANTS, a new coccidiostatic

At the beginning of this autumn a new complementary product of the specific Probisan commercial line has been launched to reinforce the prevention of coccidiostatic problems as one of the origins of intestinal dysbiosis problems. With this product under the trademark, POSTBIOTEK RUMINANTS completes the range of products designed for ruminant applications.


IBERUS CAMPUS Platform Award

In consortium with the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), University of La Rioja (UR), and University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR), PENTABIOL has been awarded this recognition as a research platform. One of its purposes is the study of different applications against pathogens in aquaculture.

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